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I did the design and layout for issues 1-9 of the "Sarah" comic book for Abba Comics. Another artist created the images for the comic book. See the note below the images.

Sarah Comics - Issue 1    Sarah Comics - Issue 2    Sarah Comics - Issue 3    Sarah Comics - Issue4

Sarah Comics - Issue 5    Sarah Comics - Issue 6    Sarah Comics - Issue 7    Sarah Comics - Issue8

Sarah Comics - Issue 9        Sarah Comics - layout

For the first few issues, another artist hand-painted each image, and then mailed the paintings to me, along with the script. I had to scan each of the paintings, crop and shrink accordingly, and then lay them out for each page. I had to add speech bubbles, and the text. I also did all text on the covers. The inside covers and back covers were designed by me. (Script supplied)

Eventually, a new artist was hired, and she drew her artwork on the computer. No more scanning. But I still had to crop, size, shape, add text, etc. I created the ad layouts & design, and more, on the inside and back covers.

I also created designs for their online greeting cards and other webpage images, using the artwork supplied.